Secret Admirer is the latest project for Chicago-based songwriter, musician, engineer, and producer Mark Swiderski. Mark has been writing, recording, and playing music for 20+ years. His songs have been featured in films (Ocean Monk - Sanjay Rawal), musicals (Firebringer - Starkid Productions), podcasts (Siblings Peculiar, How She Did It, You’re Hearing Things) and many other forms of media. Secret Admirer is the latest exploration of music for Mark. Searching out new sounds, instruments, and songwriting techniques, Secret Admirer aims to create music that is a unique blend of several genres including pop, indie, rock, and alternative folk.

When not creating music as Secret Admirer, he can also be found acting as a sound engineer/musician for Starkid Productions, a member of the Starkid Productions spin-off band Jim and the Povolos, and as a member of the Chicago based rock group Raised on Zenith.